DVD, VCR & PVR set ups

dvd vcr pvr set ups

AV Media: DVDs VCRs and PVRs

Can’t play those VHS cassettes? DVD player wont ‘talk’ to your new TV? Figuring out that PVR is driving you mad? Fret no more! TV Genius to the rescue!

TV Genius provides a service to seamlessly install previous generation equipment such as DVDs VCRs and PVRs- stand alone or integrated into your high tech Audio Visual equipment.

Many households and businesses have valuable videos etc on older technology. Information and expertise on how to set these up will have faded.

Boxes of priceless memories seemingly ‘unattainable’. TV Genius has retained this expertise and can setup your DVD, VCR, or PVR so that you can continue to enjoy this older media on your new generation TV and/or multimedia.

DVD VCR PVR set-ups

We often find our customers require this particular service after moving or when buying a new tv. Don’t feel you need to throw away your ‘out of date’ media consoles out of fear you can’t get them to play! We will find a way to have your old VHS tapes reproduce on your new TV! What about PVR’s or Digital TV recorders? We can have a technician visit you and provide a tutorial on how to record, play and use that PVR! It’s all too often something those TV floor sales people neglect to do!

This service is another way we at TV Genius can help our customers in a wholistic service product way! Nothing is to hard for a TV Genius technician!

Call TV Genius now on 0405 079 171 for your free consultation and have your dvd, vcr, or pvr running as good as new in next to no time.

TV Genius

Welcome to TV Genius, your one-stop service for the specialist setup as well as maintenance of your Audio-Visual tools in Sydney, offering you carefree enjoyment by maximising the efficiency of your tools in your atmosphere.

TV Genius understands that also the best and also one of the most innovative Audio-Visual home entertainment as well as company systems can not provide you one of the most enjoyable experience if the equipment is not set up by a licensed Audio-Visual expert.

At TV Genius, we provide for the installment, service, and maintenance of residence theatres, electronic as well as analogue Audio-Visual systems, antennas, electronic set-top boxes and also Web. As a matter of fact, anything essential to ensure you obtain the best reception and noise from your Audio-Visual centers in your house or Business.

If your Net or television function is less than best or if you want a brand-new Audio-Visual system installed, merely call TV Genius as well as get superior recommendations and solution, accomplished by accredited experienced professionals as well as guaranteed to run at a maximum level.

Due to the fact that we know all the troubles that can occur if Audio-Visual Tools is not set up in the most efficient method, our service technicians take a wholistic approach to establishing and optimizing your tools by: – On a regular basis updating our abilities and certifications to make them the very best Audio-Visual available anywhere in Sydney. – Understanding the most up to date trends in Audio-Visual Systems. – Comprehending exactly how to obtain the very best out of your Audio-Visual as well as configuring your setting to maximising the capability of the tools.

We concentrate on:

TV Wall Mounting  Fix Internet black spot 
Speaker Wall Mounting Optimised FOXTEL Connections
TV table top set up  Home Relocations 
Speaker Wall Mounting  Business Relocation
Multi Room Audio Visual Old Equipment or Bracket Removal 
DVD, VCR & PVR set ups 

TV Genius supplies a budget friendly, professional audio-visual installation as well as upkeep solutions that can make a significant distinction to your lifestyle.

Call us on 0405 079 171 for your cost-free assessment.